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Membership Information

Membership in Tecumseh Lodge Education Group, Inc., a/k/a Tecumseh Lodge is open to individuals 18 years and older, or who out of high school, in the categories of Individual, Family and Active Military who are interested in participating in Lodge activities.   

If you are interested in becoming a member of Tecumseh Lodge, please download the "Membership Application" form by “clicking” on the link below.

Membership application form PDF (click here) and return to:

Membership Secretary
David Higgins
Tecumseh Lodge
2631 Round Hill Lane
Bloomington, IN 47401

The Tecumseh Lodge Board of Directors meets bi-monthly to review applications and accept new members. Following the Board meeting you will be contacted regarding your acceptance and the appropriate fee will be due and payable. Members receive a membership card and a bi-monthly newsletter.

Children of active Lodge members who are attending college may receive an electronic copy of the newsletter at no additional fee. Please include the students name and email address on the application. Or contact the Membership Secretary at .

To remain in "good standing" annual dues are payable by January 1st of each year. Membership dues can be payable any time prior to this date. The Membership Secretary will be available to receive dues at the annual Labor Day Pow Wow, monthly socials, the Mid-winter dance and by mail at the above address. Reminder notices will be sent to unpaid members by mid-January. Members who have not paid their dues by March 1st of the current year will be removed from the active roster and will no longer receive the benefits of membership.

To renew you Tecumseh Lodge membership, please download the "Membership Renewal" form by clicking on the link below and mailing it to the Membership Secretary.

Membership Dues Payment/Information Update Form (click here)