The Lodge sponsors an annual powwow during the Labor Day Weekend and a Mid-winter dance in January of each year. Throughout the year, the Lodge sponsors social craft sessions and dances on Saturday evening in the spring and fall. Our business meetings are held bi-monthly and are opened to all Lodge members.

Proceeds from various Lodge activities are donated to several American Indian educational and community programs. The Lodge has also sponsored the Kunieh Society, a BSA Explorer Post for youth ages 14-21.

Membership is open to individuals age 18 and above or out of high school, who are interested in participating in Lodge activities and are willing to support the Lodge’s endeavors to fulfill its purpose. The Lodge offers individual and family membership categories. Active members of the military may receive a complimentary membership and students of active members who are enrolled in a higher educational institution may receive an electronic newsletter upon request.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lodge and membership, please see the Membership Page for more information.